Singtronic Professional Karaoke System Complete 4000W
Professional Karaoke System Complete 4000W Select Songs by Iphone & Android Apps

Professional Karaoke System Complete 4000W Select Songs by Iphone & Android Apps

Active Power Speaker with Touch Screen 4K Digital Mixer & Free: 2 x Anti-Feedback Wireless Mics.
Free: 70,000 Songs
Newest Model: 2024
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Warranty: Full 1 Year Warranty Included

Product Description

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Are you ready to take your karaoke nights to the next level? Look no further than the Singtronic Professional 4000W Karaoke System. This complete package is designed to provide you with a truly immersive and powerful karaoke experience. With its advanced features and high-quality components, this system is perfect for both personal use and professional settings. Get ready to wow your audience and sing your heart out like never before!


The Singtronic Professional 4000W Karaoke System is a comprehensive package that includes all the essential components to create an unforgettable karaoke experience. Let's take a closer look at what this system has to offer:

  • Singtronic DSP-3000Pro Professional Touch Screen Karaoke Processor: This state-of-the-art karaoke mixer and processor features a 3.5" touch screen monitor for easy navigation and control. With built-in Bluetooth, HDMI-ARC, optical input, and anti-feedback microphones, this mixer offers versatile connectivity options and superior sound quality. It also includes a digital equalizer for fine-tuning your music, microphone, and effect settings.
  • Singtronic Professional Dual UHF Wireless Microphone System: Say goodbye to tangled cables and enjoy the freedom of wireless performance. This system includes two high-quality UHF wireless microphones that provide clear and reliable vocal reproduction. Move around the stage and engage with your audience without any limitations.
  • Singtronic TX-12DSP Professional 4000W Shelf-Power Vocalist Karaoke Speaker: These powerful speakers deliver exceptional sound quality with their 12" super bass drivers and high-frequency compressors. With a maximum input power of 4000W, these speakers will fill any venue with rich and dynamic sound. They are self-powered, making them convenient and easy to set up.
  • Singtronic KTV-4KUHD Professional 8TB Pre-loaded Karaoke Player: This karaoke player is a true game-changer. With over 70,000 pre-loaded songs and unlimited YouTube access, you'll never run out of song options. The player supports 4K Ultra HD video output and features on-screen navigation for easy song search and lyrics display. It also offers vocal control, allowing you to turn the vocal track on or off with ease.
  • Click to view latest 70,000 Songlist Pre-loaded in 8Tb Hard Drive. Unlimitted Youtube & Cloud
  • Singtronic Professional Heavy Duty Adjustable Tripod Speaker Stand (Pair): The included speaker stands provide stable and adjustable support for your karaoke speakers. With a height range of 110-190cm and a maximum load capacity of 40kg each, these stands ensure optimal speaker placement for the best sound projection.



  • Singtronic Super Laser 4-in-1 Automatic Strobe Disco Party Lights: Create a dazzling light show and set the mood for your karaoke performances. These lights synchronize with the music and can be controlled remotely, adding an extra level of excitement to your karaoke parties.
  • Singtronic Professional XLR Durable Duty Cables: These high-quality XLR cables ensure reliable and interference-free audio connections between your microphone, mixer, and speakers. With their durable construction, they are built to withstand the demands of professional use.
  • Digital Optical Audio Cable: This cable allows you to connect your karaoke system to compatible devices, ensuring high-quality digital audio transmission and optimal sound performance.


Don't miss the opportunity to own a professional-grade karaoke system that will elevate your singing experience. The Singtronic Professional 4000W Karaoke System offers effortless installation, superior sound quality, and a vast selection of songs. Whether you're a karaoke enthusiast or a professional performer, this system has everything you

Why Buying this Singtronic 4000W Digital Karaoke System ???

  1. Super Easy Installation like 1,2,3...
  2. System built in Hard Drive, Youtube, Icloud & DJ Music
  3. Pre-loaded Over 70,000 MTV Karaoke Songs with Vocal On & Off
  4. Singing Songs on Preloaded Songs & Unlimited Youtube at the same time w/o Advertisement
  5. Select Songs via Apps: Iphone / IPad & Android Tablets
  6. Super Handy, Light Weigh, Ready to use and No Need Skills to operate this System.
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Included Items

Singtronic DSP-3000Pro Digital 2 in 1 Professional Karaoke Mixer & Processor
Built in 3.5" Touch Screen, Optical, HDMI-Arc, Equalizer, Bluetooth Function & Anti-Feedback Microphones
  • 3.5 Inches Touch Screen Monitor
  • Built in Free: 2 x Anti-Feedback Wireless Microphones
  • Newest Model: 2024 Improved HDMI ARC for "Upstream" and "Dowstream" Signal over HDMI Port on TV (Perfect for Youtube Streaming Karaoke)
  • Built in Key Pitch Control: +/-5 Tones
  • Bluetooth Function
  • Built in Anti-Howling & Feedbackl Suppression
  • Digital Optical / Coax Audio Input (Connect directly from any Smart TV for Youtube Karaoke)
  • XLR Output (Left, Right, Center, Subwoofer)
  • RCA Rec Output
  • Built Digital EQualizer Individual Control: Music, Microphone & Effect
  • Built-in MP3 Player Module
  • Bluetooth Function send/receive from any device (Iphone, Ipad, Android, Youtube, Karaoke Apps)
  • 4 Audio Inputs: DVD/VOB/USB/Bluetooth Function
  • 3 HDMI Inputs & 1 HDMI Output
  • 2 Rear 1/4" Microphone Inputs
  • USB Port MP3 & Playback
  • Master Microphone Volume
  • Master Music Volume
  • Master Effect Volume (Echo, Delay, Repeat, Reverb & High, Low)
  • DSP Digital Sound Processor
  • 115V/60Hz Voltage
  • Built-in BBE Sonic Maximizer for both vocal and music
  • Remote Control Unit
  • 1 Year Warranty Include: Labor & Parts
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Singtronic DSP-3000Pro Digital 2 in 1 Professional Karaoke Mixer & Processor
Singtronic KTV-4KUHD 8TB Digital Smart 4K HDD Vietnamese Karaoke Player
Select songs by Phone Apps from Hard Drive & Youtube at the same time
  • Over 70,000 Vietnamese & English Songs Pre-loaded in 8TB Hard Drive
  • HDMI direct Output for both Super Digital Audio & (4K) UltraHD 1080P Video
  • On-Screen Navigation "Song Search" & "Lyrics Display" on the same TV screen
  • Built in "Pure Auto Volume Control" means All the song are 100% at the same level
  • Vocalist Control "Vocal Off" all songs are OFF & "Vocal On" all songs are ON. No need to keep pressing vocal button every song
  • 4K @ 60FPS, HEVC/H.265 Hardware Decoding Output for Streaming and Media Playback
  • Support Hard Drive: 2TB ~ 16TB
  • HDMI Output both 4K Video & Digital Audio Output
  • 1 x HDMI Output & 1 x HDMI Input
  • Optical / Coax Audio Output
  • RCA Output (Left & Right)
  • CVBS Video Ouput
  • ±7 Key Pitch Controller
  • Supports External Storage Devices for Media Library & Capacity Expansion
  • Internal Rom: 8GB x 32GB
  • Android Operating System v9.0.1 and Android apps
  • Multiple Language Support That Can Display Over 55 Languages and Its Input Method
  • Two USB 2.0 Ports & 3.0 Ports, Additional Type C Plug
  • 1000M Lan Ethernet, WIFI Adapter
  • Universal AC Power Input from 90V to 240V 50/60Hz for Worldwide Compatibility
  • Built-in AGC (Automatic Gain Control)
  • Powerful XMBC Media Player supports all major audio and video types including: AVI(H.264,DIVX,DIVX,XVID), rm, rmvb, MKV(H.264,DIVX,DIVX,, XVID), WMV, MOV, MP4(H.264,MPEG,DIVX,XVID),DAT(VCD), VOB(DVD), PMP, MPEG, MPG, FLV(H.263,H.264), ASF, TS, TP, 3GP, BD-ISO, DVD-ISO and more...
  • Ethernet Network Interface (RJ-45)
  • Built in 3 Antennas for Stronger Wifi Signal
  • PC Output (Connect via PC for Adding or Delete Songs)
  • Plays all popular video karaoke files up to 4K UHD resolution including MKV, MPG, DAT, AVI, MP4
  • Supports dual track karaoke files to switch from vocal track to instrumental tracks or to switch from left to right track only
  • Download the Apple or Android app to easily control the Karaoke Jukebox program through your phone or tablet
  • Smart search by song number, name, artist, or by category
  • Media Player allows you to enjoy your photos, videos, and listen to your favorite tunes
  • Support for most Android apps including XBMC/KODI, Skype, etc...
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Singtronic KTV-4KUHD 8TB Digital Smart 4K HDD Vietnamese Karaoke Player
Singtronic TX-12DSP Professional 4000W Self-Power Karaoke Speaker System (Pair)
Built in 12" Super Bass & High Frequency Compressor
  • Max Input: 4000W (2000W + 2000W)
  • Active Speaker (Self-Powered Speakers)
  • Recommended Usage: Main speaker (maximum 1000 sq ft.)
  • Double Bass Reflex
  • Dual XLR Input (Mic../ Line Input)
  • RCA Input
  • XLR Output (Loop & Mix)
  • EQ Volume Level Adjustment (Treble & Bass)
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Singtronic TX-12DSP Professional 4000W Self-Power Karaoke Speaker System (Pair)
Singtronic Professional Heavy Duty Adjustable Tripod Speaker Stand (Pair)Features:
  • Comes with 2 Speaker Stands
  • Universal Mountable Bracket Included
  • Height: 110 - 190cm (43" - 77")
  • Top Aluminum Pipe Tube Diameter: 4cm
  • Weight: 10 lbs
  • Load Capacity: 40Kg (88lb) Each
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Singtronic Professional Heavy Duty Adjustable Tripod Speaker Stand (Pair)


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