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Singtronic carries high quality digital & analog karaoke amplifiers & mixer amplifiers online at the lowest price, Guaranteed! Please check out our best selling karaoke mixing amplifiers on sale now! A karaoke amplifier is a powered amplifier designed specifically for the needs of the avid karaoke equipment owner. ... This eliminates the need for a mixer if you have two audio sources, such as the karaoke source and an iPod for filler music.
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Singtronic KA-550Pro Professional Analog 1500W Mixing Amplifier Karaoke
Singtronic KA-1000Pro Professional 2000W Analog Mixing Amplifier Karaoke
Singtronic KA-2000DSP Professional DJ/KJ 3000W Mixing Amplifier Karaoke HDMI-Arc, Optical & Recording
Singtronic KSP-1000ProW Professional Digial 2000W 3 in 1 Karaoke Sound Processor Mixing Amplifier
Singtronic KSP-3000Pro Professional 3 in 1 Digital 3000W Karaoke Sound Processor Amplifier
Singtronic KA-4000DSP Professional DJ/KJ 4000W Console Mixing Amplifier Karaoke with Equalizer & Recording
Singtronic KSP-3500Pro Professional 3500W Digital 3 in 1 Karaoke Sound Processor Amplifier
Singtronic KSP-4000Pro Professional 3 in 1 Digital 4000W Karaoke Sound Processor Amplifier
Singtronic KSP-5000Pro Professional 5000W Digital 3 in 1 Karaoke Sound Processor Amplifier
Singtronic KA-5000DSP Professional KJ/DJ 5000W Mixing Amplifier Equalizer & Recording Karaoke
Singtronic KSP-1500ProB Professional 4 in 1 Digital 2500W Karaoke Amplifier W/ Unlimited Youtube Songs by Iphone & Tablets
Singtronic KSP-6000Pro Professional 6000W Digital 3 in 1 Karaoke Sound Processor 4 Channels Amplifier
Singtronic KSP-2000Pro Professional Digital 3000W Sound Processor 2 in 1 Mixing Amplifier Karaoke Anti-Feedback
Singtronic KSP-6000Pro Professional 6000W Digital Karaoke Sound Processor + KTV-15.6UHD Professional 5TB Hard Drive Tablets
Singtronic KA-3000Pro Professional KJ/DJ 3000W Mixing Amplifier Equalizer Karaoke & USB Recording
Singtronic PM-6000Pro Professional 6000W Digital Console Mixing Board Karaoke Ampliffier
At our store, we take pride in offering a wide selection of high-quality amplifiers that are perfect for your karaoke needs. Whether you're a professional looking for powerful performance or a home user seeking optimal sound quality, we have you covered. Our range of amplifiers includes various types to cater to different preferences and requirements. From professional-grade models with impressive wattage output to analog and digital options, we have amplifiers to suit every setup. Additionally, our mixing amplifiers provide the convenience of integrated mixing capabilities, allowing you to fine-tune your audio sources effortlessly. We also offer karaoke sound processor amplifiers that come equipped with special features like anti-feedback control and digital effects, enhancing your karaoke experience. Explore our collection and discover the perfect amplifier to bring your karaoke sessions to life.

Types of Amplifiers we offer:

Professional Amplifiers: These amplifiers are designed for professional karaoke setups and offer high power output, often ranging from 1000W to 6000W. They are built to deliver robust and clear audio performance, making them suitable for large venues or events.

Analog Amplifiers: Analog amplifiers utilize traditional analog circuitry for amplification. They offer good sound quality and typically feature analog adjustments for volume and tone control.

Digital Amplifiers: Digital amplifiers utilize digital signal processing technology to amplify the audio signal. They provide higher power efficiency and can offer advanced features such as built-in sound effects and equalization options.

Mixing Amplifiers: Mixing amplifiers combine the functionalities of an amplifier and a mixer. They allow you to connect multiple audio sources such as microphones and instruments, and adjust the volume, tone, and effects for each source independently. Mixing amplifiers are commonly used in karaoke setups to control and mix audio from various sources.

Karaoke Sound Processor Amplifiers: These amplifiers include built-in sound processors that enhance the karaoke experience. They often offer features such as anti-feedback control, digital effects, and audio equalization specifically tailored for karaoke performances.
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