Singtronic Portable Bluetooth Karaoke is a masterpiece when it comes to doing karaoke or playing music out loud. It produces dynamic high wattage power sound from its wide woofer speaker system. With this system, the party never stops. It gives you 6 hours of quality sound on a full charge of the rechargeable battery. It has an Aux Input and Wireless Microphones included, so you can just plug it into your phone via bluetooth and play whenever you want. If all of this doesn't convince you, the high portability would. Yes, with its wheels and telescopic handle, you can take the party anywhere you like. It's great value for money because, in just all-in-one system, you get so many features. Moreover, it has a built-in radio, USB, so if you're a person who likes listening to the radio in the morning, this is perfect for you. Why All Customer Liked It - Not only is Singtronic Portable System easy to use and has superb performance, it also gives you all the control. With an app for Android and iOS, you can adjust the sounds and effects as individual Music & Microphone effects like: Bass, Treble, Echo, Delay, also Guitar Input. giving your party a more personal touch and professional sound quality.
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