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A karaoke machine consists of a music player with microphone inputs, a means of altering the pitch of the played music, and an audio output. ... Most common machines are CD+G, Laser Disc, VCD or DVD players with microphone inputs and an audio mixer built in. Karaoke machine is als a device which removes the vocal track from the song and just plays the background music. It is usually used as a fun activity for parties and get-togethers. The karaoke machine is connected to a screen, which displays the lyrics of the song along with the backdrop music. The newest popular style for a karaoke machine is an Hard Drive Karaoke Player which basically an android player that contains one or more internal hard drive up to 16TB and more added features like; 4K HDMI Video Ouput, Digital Optical audio output, RCA analog output, select songs by Iphone / Ipad and PC tablet. Also can be download songs directly from cloud server. Songs from karaoke disc can be imported to the hard drive(s) via machine 's disc tray or supplied computer software. Once the songs have been copied to the hard drive, the disc is no longer needed. Song will appear on an on-screen menu and to be selected by categories such as: Numbered, Artist, Languages, Type, Favorite, Ranking and even Direclty on Youtube with unlimited karaoke songs.
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