DSP-800Pro Professional Digital Echo Karaoke Mixer Processor
Singtronic DSP-800Pro Professional Digital Echo Karaoke Mixer Processor with Optical & Bluetooth

Singtronic DSP-800Pro Professional Digital Echo Karaoke Mixer Processor with Optical & Bluetooth

Feedback Eliminator with Optical & Coax Built in Bluetooth Function, Control by Apps.
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Product Description

Support Android App: 

Click Here to Download Singtronic DSP-800Pro Apps to Control by Phone

How to connect this processor to smart phone through Bluetooth.

  • Please download the app from the Link Above.
  • Turn on your DSP-800Pro, select Bluetooth Input,
  • Go to "Settings" on the Android Devices, then go to "Bluetooth" select DSP-800Pro and Pairing it.
  • Go back to the app, click on "Connect" on the upper right corner and now it is ready to use.

Experience Professional-Level Karaoke with the Singtronic DSP-800Pro Professional Digital Echo Karaoke Mixer Processor

Unleash Your Karaoke Potential

If you're passionate about karaoke and want to take your performances to the next level, look no further than the Singtronic DSP-800Pro Professional Digital Echo Karaoke Mixer Processor. This powerful karaoke mixer is designed to enhance your singing experience and provide professional-level sound quality. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, the DSP-800Pro is the perfect accessory for karaoke enthusiasts and performers who want to stand out from the crowd.

Seamless Control with Phone Apps

The Singtronic DSP-800Pro supports Android apps, allowing you to control the mixer directly from your smartphone. Simply download the Singtronic DSP-800Pro app and follow the instructions for setup. Once connected, you can adjust settings, control playback, and customize your karaoke experience right from your phone. Say goodbye to cumbersome manual controls and enjoy the convenience of controlling your karaoke mixer with a few taps on your smartphone.

Effortless Bluetooth Connectivity

Connecting your smartphone to the DSP-800Pro via Bluetooth is a breeze. After turning on your DSP-800Pro and selecting the Bluetooth input, navigate to the Bluetooth settings on your Android device. Select the DSP-800Pro from the list of available devices and pair it with your smartphone. Once paired, open the Singtronic DSP-800Pro app, click on "Connect" in the upper right corner, and you're ready to unleash your karaoke talents with wireless freedom. Enjoy the convenience of streaming music wirelessly and keep your phone in your pocket while you perform.

Enhanced Sound Control and Effects

The Singtronic DSP-800Pro offers a range of features to customize and enhance your karaoke sound. With built-in key pitch control, you can adjust the key of the music to suit your vocal range. The digital LED screen display provides clear visual feedback, making it easy to navigate through settings and options. The DSP Multi-digital Reverb ensures superior sound quality and vocal effects, while the 15-band PEQ allows you to fine-tune the music and microphone audio to your preference.

Intelligent Feedback Elimination and Echo Effect

Say goodbye to unwanted feedback and enjoy a professional-level karaoke experience. The DSP-800Pro features a unique microphone feedback eliminator with four adjustable levels of intensity. This innovative technology ensures that your vocals remain clear and distortion-free, even at higher volumes. Additionally, the professional digital echo effect adds depth and richness to your singing, making you sound like a star on stage.

Versatile Connectivity Options

The Singtronic DSP-800Pro offers a wide range of connectivity options to accommodate various audio sources. With one optical and one coaxial input, you can connect directly from your Smart TV via the optical output for YouTube karaoke or other online platforms. The mixer also features four microphone inputs, two in the front and two in the back, with high-pass and low-pass filters to optimize sound quality. The three inputs of volume potentiometers for music, microphone, and effect ensure precise control over the audio balance.

Advanced Control and Outputs

For advanced users, the DSP-800Pro allows connection through PC software, providing comprehensive control over the mixer's settings and functions. The six independent output channels for karaoke and theater modes are adjustable individually, ensuring optimal sound distribution. The optical fiber and coaxial digital audio inputs deliver a 5.1-channel surround sound experience, immersing you and your audience in a cinematic audio environment. With 10 individual mode parameter memory stored, you can easily recall your preferred settings for different occasions.

Complete Package and Convenience

The Singtronic DSP-800Pro comes with several free bonus items to enhance your karaoke setup. The package includes two digital 10ft optical audio cables valued at $39.00 each, allowing you to connect your audio sources with ease. The Singtronic dual XLR female to RCA cable, valued at $49.00, enables you to convert a balanced audio to an unbalanced signal, expanding your connectivity options. Additionally, the built-in cooling fan keeps the mixer operating at an optimal temperature, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Elevate Your Karaoke Experience with the Singtronic DSP-800Pro

The Singtronic DSP-800Pro Professional Digital Echo Karaoke Mixer Processor is the ultimate companion for karaoke enthusiasts who seek professional sound quality and seamless control. With its versatile features, intuitive interface, and wireless phone app control, the DSP-800Pro empowers you to create memorable performances and unleash your karaoke potential. Upgrade your karaoke setup today and experience the next level of karaoke entertainment with the Singtronic DSP-800Pro.
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  • Equipped with WIFI and free app for real time wireless controlling on smart devices.
  • Easy setup and operation, with an enhanced user interface
  • Built in Key Pitch Control +/- 7 Tones
  • Digital LED Screen Display Function.
  • Digital audio processing system with DSP Multi-digital Reverb, more superior sound and vocal effect
  • Using 32-bit high-performance DSP and AD / DA, 24-bit, 48K sampling pure digital professional KTV front effects.
  • Unique Microphone Feedback Eliminator, there are 4 levels of intensity adjustable.
  • Professional Digital Echo Effect.
  • Variety of Reverb effect Type: Hall / Room / Plate
  • 15-Band PEQ for music and two ways MIC, noise gate, HPF / LPF.
  • Microphone Actuators make easy light singing.
  • 10 Individual Mode Parameter Memory Stored.
  • Karaoke and theater modes have six independent output channels which are adjustable independently.
  • Optical fiber and coaxial digital audio input will help karaoke mode is more perfect and reproduce sound theater in 5.1 channel format.
  • Six separate and adjustable signal Volume outputs: Main L&R: Surround L&R: Center: Subwoofer
  • Featuring mute function to avoid damaging speakers.
  • 4 microphone inputs: 2 Front & 2 Back with high-pass filter and low-pass filter
  • 3 inputs of volume potentiometer: Music, Microphone & Effect.
  • 3 inputs of stereo audio VOD/AUX/BGM
  • 1 Optical & 1 Coax Input (Can connect directly from Smart TV via Optical Output for YouTube Karaoke)
  • Output Channel: Main output (R/L) / Center / SUB / Surr. (L/R)
  • REC Output.
  • Connection through PC Software for Advanced controlled.
  • 2 level lock function. Standby function.
  • USB port in front
  • Built in cooling fan.
  • Remote Control Unit

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