Professional Wired Karaoke Microphone - Singtronic Beta 88Pro
Singtronic Beta 88Pro Professional Wired Microphone Karaoke

Singtronic Beta 88Pro Professional Wired Microphone Karaoke

#1 Wired Microphone Karaoke
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Product Description

This Singtronic Beta 88Pro professional condenser vocal microphone will make your voice cut through the loudest mix - on any stage. Its cardiod polar pattern ensures maximum gain before feedback and has been optimized for use with in-ear monitor systems.

The gold plated transducer case does not only give the microphone a sophisticated esthetic touch but also makes the transducer extremely resistant to corrosion and humidity. The result is superior audio performance.

Unleash Your Vocal Power with the Singtronic Beta 88Pro Professional Wired Microphone Karaoke

Are you ready to take your karaoke performances to the next level? Look no further than the Singtronic Beta 88Pro Professional Wired Microphone Karaoke. As the #1 wired microphone for karaoke enthusiasts, this professional condenser vocal microphone is designed to make your voice soar above the crowd, delivering exceptional clarity and projection on any stage. With its impressive features and superior audio performance, the Beta 88Pro is your ticket to a memorable karaoke experience.

Cutting-Edge Design for Unparalleled Performance

The Singtronic Beta 88Pro microphone is meticulously crafted to meet the demands of professional performers. Its cardioid polar pattern ensures maximum gain before feedback, allowing you to sing with confidence and clarity even in the most challenging environments. Whether you're performing in a small venue or a large auditorium, this microphone will help your voice cut through the mix and captivate your audience.

One standout feature of the Beta 88Pro is its gold plated transducer case. Not only does it add a touch of sophistication to the microphone's aesthetic, but it also enhances its durability and resistance to corrosion and humidity. This means that the microphone will continue to deliver exceptional audio quality, even in demanding conditions. Say goodbye to worries about equipment deterioration and focus on delivering a stellar performance.

Unrivaled Features for Professional Performances

The Singtronic Beta 88Pro microphone is packed with features that elevate your karaoke experience to new heights. Its XLR connector module boasts 24-carat gold plated pins, ensuring optimum conductivity and reliable signal transmission. This high-quality connection minimizes signal loss and interference, resulting in pristine sound reproduction.

To further enhance its durability, the Beta 88Pro features a spring steel wire-mesh grill. This robust construction not only protects the microphone from accidental bumps and drops but also effectively controls pops and wind noise. You can sing with confidence, knowing that your performance will be free from unwanted distractions.

Additionally, the microphone comes equipped with a shock mount, which helps isolate it from handling noise and vibrations. This means you can move freely on stage without worrying about any unwanted rumble or disturbance affecting your vocal performance. The Beta 88Pro microphone is designed to bring out the best in your voice, allowing you to showcase your talent with unparalleled clarity.

Superior Specifications for Uncompromising Audio

When it comes to specifications, the Singtronic Beta 88Pro microphone doesn't disappoint. With a frequency range of 65 Hz to 20 kHz, it captures the full spectrum of your voice, from the lowest notes to the highest falsettos. The microphone's sensitivity of 44 mV/Pa (-48 dBV) ensures excellent responsiveness, allowing even the subtle nuances of your voice to be heard.

The Beta 88Pro microphone delivers impressive maximum sound pressure levels (SPL) of 140 dB SPL for 1% total harmonic distortion (THD) and 145 dB SPL for 3% THD. This means you can belt out your favorite tunes with power and conviction, knowing that the microphone can handle even the most dynamic vocal performances.

With an equivalent noise level of 25 dB-A and a signal-to-noise ratio of 69 dB (A-weighted), the Beta 88Pro microphone maintains exceptional clarity, capturing your voice with minimal background noise. This ensures that your audience hears your vocals with utmost clarity, allowing you to truly shine on stage.

Ready for the Spotlight

The Singtronic Beta 88Pro microphone is designed to meet the needs of professional karaoke performers. Its impedance of 200 ohms and recommended load impedance of 2,000 ohms make it compatible with a wide range of audio systems, ensuring seamless integration into your setup. The microphone operates on typical 4.3 mA power and requires phantom power between 9 and 52 V (to DIN 45596), making it versatile and adaptable to different performance environments.

With its sleek matte grayish blue finish, the Beta 88Pro microphone exudes sophistication and professionalism. Its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip, allowing you to focus on your performance without any distractions. Take the stage with confidence, knowing that you have a reliable and high-quality microphone in your hands.

Unleash Your Karaoke Potential with Singtronic

At Singtronic, we are dedicated to providing high-quality karaoke accessories that enhance your singing experience. The Beta 88Pro Professional Wired Microphone Karaoke is just one example of our commitment to delivering excellence in sound and performance. With our range of products and accessories, you can create the ultimate karaoke setup that will impress both casual singers and professional performers.

Order Your Singtronic Beta 88Pro Today

Don't settle for ordinary karaoke experiences. Elevate your performances with the Singtronic Beta 88Pro Professional Wired Microphone Karaoke. With its outstanding features, superior audio performance, and durable construction, this microphone will be your trusted companion on your karaoke journey. Order yours today and get ready to unleash your vocal prowess like never before.
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  • Condenser vocal microphone for onstage use
  • XLR connector module with 24-carat gold plated pins
  • 24-carat gold plated transducer case for optimum conductivity and resistance to corrosion and humidity
  • Spring steel wire-mesh grill for extreme ruggedness incl. reliable control of pops and wind noise
  • Shock mount


Polar patterncardioid
Frequency range65 Hz to 20 kHz
Sensitivity4 4 mV/Pa (-48 dBV )
Max. SPL140 / 145 dB SPL (for 1% / 3% THD)
Equivalent noise level25 dB-A
Signal/noise ratio (A-weighted)69 dB
Impedance<= 200 ohms
Recommended load impedance>= 2.000 ohms
Poweringtyp. 4.3 mA Power requirement: 9 to 52 V phantom power to DIN 45596
Connector3-pin XLR
Finishmatte grayish blue

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