<i><b><font color="#FF0000">Model: 2020 Youtube Karaoke System by Iphone/Ipad &amp; Pc Tablet</font></b></i> Professional 2000W Complete Karaoke System Special Built in HDMI, USB & Bluetooth Function

Model: 2020 Youtube Karaoke System by Iphone/Ipad & Pc Tablet Professional 2000W Complete Karaoke System Special Built in HDMI, USB & Bluetooth Function

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Product Description

Singtronic Karaoke Packages Special Include:

Singtronic Karaoke Package Bonus FREE: Digital Box, Cable & Disco Light (Value: $299.00)

        1.   Singtronic HDMI Google Chromecast with Wifi for Youtube Karaoke ($99.00)
        2.  Singtronic Party Disco L.E.D Light with Remote Control Music Beat ($99.00)
        3.  Singtronic Mini Pary Disco Laser L.E.D Ligh with Remote Control Music Beat ($129.00)
        4.  Singtronic 14" Gauge Monster Speaker Cable with Banana Golden Plugs ($49.00)

Main Function & Specifications;


Newest Model: 2020's hottest product from Singtronic, the world's first digital karaoke console mixing amplifier with a built-in 850W + 850W of hard hitting power. Equipped with a BBE & DSP Ultra High Processor, music & vocals come out with rich details heard in concerts. The newest features added is the Digital Sound Processor which allows you to professionally fine tune your speakers with Rich Vocalist Sound Quality. Bluetooth Function which allow you to listen music wireless from any Phone or Tablet, Even Youtude Karaoke wirelessly. HDMI Function also built in KA-1000DSP with High Definition output on both Video & Audio, which produces the highest and best sound quality. Also built with rich professional console appearance. The Singtronic KA-1000DSP also includes a USB slot reader allowing you to plug your MP3 player or USB Flash Drive to Listing to your favorite music. The Singtronic Professional Rack-mountable KA-1000DSP Professional 1700-Watt Console Mixing Amplifier is designed with DJ/KJs and serious karaoke singers in mind. It's patented design will forever change how you will be using your karaoke mixing amplifiers in the future.

Newest Model: 2020 Bluetooth Function.  Forgot your USB flash drive at home? Want to play audio files from your phone while keeping it safe in your pocket? No problem. The KA-1000DSP's Bluetooth compatibility allows for wireless connection to any A2DP stereo Bluetooth device. That means you can play audio files from your phone, laptop or any other Bluetooth enabled device within a 30 foot foot range. The KA-1000DSP gives you the freedom to stream music wirelessly from any Bluetooth enabled device. There are also a wide set of controls to help show off your mixing and production skills, such as the Bass, Mid and Treble. These inputs also display Track Title, Number and Elapsed Time to help you stay organized as you navigate through tracks.


  • 850W + 850W Watts Max Power Output 
  • Model: 2020 Bluetooth Function send/receive from any device (Iphone, Ipad, Android, Youtube, Karaoke Apps)
  • 4 Audio Inputs: DVD/AUX/USB/Bluetooth Function
  • 2 HDMI Inputs & 1 HDMI Output
  • Music Low, Mid, High, Balance, Volume Controls
  • Microphone Delay, Repeat, Echo, Low, High Volume Controls
  • Microphone Volume Controls for Low, Mid, High, Echo, Balance, Volume for individual microphones
  • 3 Front & 2 Rear 1/4" Plug Microphone Inputs
  • 2 XLR Microphone Plug Input
  • USB Port MP3 & Playback
  • 2 Audio Outputs (Subwoofer Out (Music/ Mixing), Mic Out (High/Low)
  • 4 Banana Plug Speaker Connectors
  • DSP Digital Sound Processor
  • Bluetooth Function Air-M


Newest Model: 2020's SINGTRONIC KS-1000Pro, the best known named in professional karaoke 2000W Vocalist (1000W + 1000W) Speaker around the world with unprecedented sound quality and power. The exceptional quality and smoothness of sound over the entire audible range ensure unprecedented excitement. Once you have sung with these speakers, you will never be satisfied with anything less. The clubs and bars that use these speakers will enjoy an excellent reputation among their customers. We have every confidence in the outstanding sound quality of these speakers.


  • 10 inch woofer (full-range woofer)
  • 2.5" Horn (Super Compressor)
  • Max Input: 2000 Watts (1000W +1000W)
  • Copper wired voice coil
  • Double magnet (tweeter)
  • Single magnet (woofer)
  • Design In Japan
  • Bookshelf Standing Speaker


Newest Model: 2020 SINGTRONIC UHF-2500 Professional PLL Dual Rechargeable Wireless Microphone System is the right solution for Karaoke vocalists, Home Entertainment enthusiasts and Club Patrons who have been looking for a best effective UHF wireless solution that can fit seamlessly into a multitude of applications. Working on crowded group singers UHF frequency bands have develop it on signal, the UHF-2500 ensures the best possible performance for all singers. The world's first ever built with fine metalic handheld wireless microphone system with LCD display and separate based charger.

Specification & Features:

  • Digital channel change
  • Built with Feedback Control
  • 1000 Channels simultaneous operation
  • Multi-tone application for interference prevention
  • Easy to install by Intennas
  • Battery protection circuit
  • Easy to change microphone cartridge
  • Special Microphone cartridge application for noise cancellation
  • POP noise and Touch noise removeable
  • Group channels operation for interference prevention
  • Channel and Battery Level Display
  • Design in Japan

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