Singtronic Professional Complete 3000W Karaoke System <font color="#FF0000"><b><i>Newst: 2019 Loaded 80,000 Songs</i></b></font> Wifi, Voice Recording, Bluetooth Free: Power Subwoofer

Singtronic Professional Complete 3000W Karaoke System Newst: 2019 Loaded 80,000 Songs Wifi, Voice Recording, Bluetooth Free: Power Subwoofer

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Product Description

Professional SINGTRONIC Complete Karaoke System Special Include:

1. Singtronic KA-2500DSP Professional 2600W HDMI Mixing Amplifier 3.5" LCD Screen Karaoke ($999.00)
2. Singtronic KS-2000 Professional 3000W Vocalist Karaoke Speaker System Cherry Wood (Pair) ($899.00)
3. Singtronic UHF-2500 Professional Dual PLL Rechargeable Lithium Batteries Wireless Microphone ($699.00)
4. Singtronic Lemont KTV Professional 6TB Hard Drive Karaoke Player 80,000 Songs & Youtube Songs ($899.00)
5. Singtronic SW-350B Professional Pre-Amplifier 350W Hard Hit Boom Bass Power Subwoofer ($399.00)
6. Singtronic Professional Heavy Duty Tripod Speaker Stand with Freestyle Adjustable ($99.00)


Singtronic Karaoke Package Bonus FREE: Cable & Disco Light (Value: $199.00)
        1.  Singtronic Party Disco L.E.D Light With Remote Control ($149.00)
        2.  Singtronic 14" Gauge Monster Speaker Cable with Banana Plug ($49.00)

COMPLETE 80,000 Song Lists Packages Booklet Below:

Special Features Newest Model: 2019

  • HDMI direct Output for both Super Digital Audio & (4K) UltraHD 1080P Video
  • On-Screen Navigation "Song Search" & "Lyrics Display" on the same TV screen
  • Built in "Pure Auto Volume Control" means All the song are 100% at the same level
  • Vocalist Control "Vocal Off" all songs are OFF & "Vocal On" all songs are ON.  No need to keep pressing vocal button every song
  • Direct Add New Song into the Hard Drive by PC or USB Flash Drive.  Its so easy like 1,2,3.....
  • Wifi & LAN Network to connect to Internet for Youtude KARAOKE and surfing net.
  • Built in latest version: KODI, Vietmedia, Viet TV 24, watch live Sports, Movies, & TV Channel.
  • Control and Select Song from HDD & Youtube Karaoke by Iphone, Ipad, Android, Tablet.

Main Function & Specification:

Newest Model: 2019's SINGTRONIC KA-2500DSP Professional Digital 3.5" LCD Screen Karaoke Mixing Amplifier offers flexibility and power to make it perfect for a wide variety of applications. Singtronic KA-2500DSP is the best amplifier to karaoke enthusiast. It packs 2600W of power allowing you to get that deep bass you feel. Singtronic KA-2500DSP is also the world's first karaoke console mixing amplifier with a built-in 1300W + 1300W of hard hitting power, along with HDMI, Bluetooth, LCD screen, USB Recording & Playback and ect. Equipped with a BBE processor, music and vocals will come out with rich details heard in concerts. In addition, the exciting feature added is the DSP Digital Sound Processor which allows you to professionally fine tune your speakers, also built with rich professional console appearance. For further music enhancement, a music control panel was also installed. Adjustments to LOW/MID/HIGHS are a simple knob touch away. With all these amazing features, it guarantees each singer is sounding their best at every song!


  • Max Power Output: 1300W + 1300W
  • Built-in MP3 Player Module
  • USB Recording Function
  • 3.5" LCD Monitor Control Station
  • HDMI x 3 Input
  • HDMI x 1 Output
  • Bluetooth Function send/receive from any device (Iphone, Ipad, Android, Youtube, Karaoke Apps)

Newest Model: 2019 SINGTRONIC KS-2000 is the Top of the Line model of Karaoke Piano Cherry Wood series especially designed to match with your home furnishing creating a grand atmosphere. The KS-2000 is an elegant karaoke speaker with a Cherry MDF (medium density fiberboard) wood gloss layered finish. It has good sound quality and artistic beauty. The speaker was designed by using the principle that softer wood provides smoother and clearer audio output like a piano. The Cherry piano-wood series is especially designed for customers with a good sense of art and music. The KS-2000 has high standard in sound definition producing maximum power and range with great stereo and booming bass feature. The new four tweeters for high frequency sounds allow crispy clear vocal unmatched by any karaoke speaker.

Newest Model: 2019 SINGTRONIC UHF-2500 Professional PLL Dual Rechargeable Wireless Microphone System is the right solution for Karaoke vocalists, Home Entertainment enthusiasts and Club Patrons who have been looking for a best effective UHF wireless solution that can fit seamlessly into a multitude of applications. Working on crowded group singers UHF frequency bands have develop it on signal, the UHF-2500 ensures the best possible performance for all singers. The world's first ever built with fine metalic handheld wireless microphone system with LCD display and separate based charger.

BONUS SUPER BOOOOOOOOOM BASSSSSSSSSSS SINGTRONIC SW-350B Power Subwoofer Like its predecessor the SW-350B, the SW-350B was tested thoroughly, but this time in live Karaoke, as well as full-scale club environments, ensuring a solid performance in the Karaoke and club arenas. It’s small footprint design and recessed side-handles makes placement and relocation practical, and with it’s reinforced shell construction and aviation grade carpeting, it is well protected from the elements and attractive to the eye. You won’t have any trouble integrating the SW-350B, as it has both line-level and high-level connection options.

Once you experience the full-spectrum sound that the SW-350B brings to a sound system, you won’t want to hear audio the “old” way ever again!

  • 350W of Mega Booming Bass to “feel” the music Low-distortion Output
  • 12” High-efficiency Super Bass Woofer for Accurate Long-lasting, Stable Performance
  • Rugged Dual-port Enclosure with Metal Grills and Carrying Handles
  • Highly Detailed Bass Response to 50Hz
  • 50Hz-150Hz Adjustable Crossover for Variable Low-pass Filtering
  • High-level MDP and Line-level RCA Inputs/Outputs for Multiple Connection Options
  • Phase Switch for Correct Speaker Phasing
  • Reinforced Heatsink for Optimal Power Handling and Thermal Stability
  • Support 5.1 Channels Subwoofer Input
  • 110V-240V Compatible for Use Worldwide
  • Made Special High Gross Paint Piano Wood
Newest Model: 2019 SINGTRONIC Lemon KTV's the hottest product from Singtronic.  The world's is first karaoke HDD player operates on Android operating system, so it has owned all features with respect to Android operating system. It is not only a HDD karaoke player with HDMI 1080P, but also a product which has transcended the limitations of players. Actually, it is an intelligent computer system. By enabling the unit to access to Internet, users can download and install various APK applications from Android application store. And it also provides interfaces to camera, mouse, keyboard and other peripherals to support Internet surfing, chat, e-mail, webpage view, television, news visit, HD movies, photos, music, games, remote monitoring, timing & reminding, as well as interaction with PC and mobile phone. Additionally, users can also make full use of their imagination to explore the potential of the unit as it is really a professional device integrating KTV, HD smart TV box, DVD Player and Android computer.

USB Wifi Function Newest 2019: It seems very interesting to choose a song via a Cell Phone or Tabet PC. YES, you can choose a song without a songbook, you don't need to strenuously searching your favorite songs one by one by gluing your eyes to flip pages by pages, or you don't need to operate the menu to avoid interrupting others. Indeed, you can select your favorite songs by Cell Phone or Tablet PC by connect to the KARAOKE machine via wireless USB Wifi network, then you can choose your favorite songs on your Cell Phone. The process is easy to operate and avoids wasting time to locate your favorite songs.

What Apps to Download:

  • Iphone & Ipad: Lemon KTV

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